Cool-Pak Solutions

New modern, state of the art, top shelf cold storage and packing house in Southern California

Cool-Pak Solutions is a new state of the art cold storage and fruit packaging house that just opened in the Los Angeles/Long Beach port area in 2013. The warehouse is brand new, built from the ground up with all the new modern technologies to make it a top of the line storage facility. We have a prime location in the overweight corridor just outside the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Cool-Pak Solutions, now has 175,000 square feet of Refrigerated space completed and in use with approximately 135,000 fully racked for storage. There is also 25,000 square feet of temperature controlled Re-Packing rooms in operation. The 15,000 square feet of dock shipping/receiving areas are also fully refrigerated. The 175,000 square feet of warehouse include 19 separate climate controlled rooms capable of changing temperature ranges in one hour. In these rooms, Cool-Pak Solutions has installed a new state of the art racking system developed in Europe recently and is probably the second company in the United States to implement this new technology.

Cool-Pak Solutions is located in the Watson Industrial center on the 53 acre FCL campus, making US customs and Border Protection inspections available on site. Import/Export fumigation services can be provided on site by Southern Fume. Cargo expediting available through FCL and we can arrange for pickup and/or delivery between the ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach and our warehouse here in Carson. Cool-Pak Solutions is probably the first of its kind to offer all of these facilities on one property. There are no extra charges for moving product from warehouse to inspections or fumigation on site, saving our customers hundreds of dollars in transportation costs.

Cool-Pak Solutions will offer many added services with a heavy emphasis on our packaging/repackaging operations. Our repacking areas are over 25,000 square feet, refrigerated/climate controlled at all times,and include a variety of machines for bagging and repacking a long list of different commodities. Our repacking crews have years of experience with both the packaging machinery and hand packing when necessary. Services offered include bagging (plastic or netting), clamshells, case styling and reconditioning/grading.